Sail Away

In my role as Senior Artworker within Accord Marketing I created numerous page layouts incorporating editorial and product content for their client Reader Offers Ltd direct mail publication 'Blue Horizons'. Reader Offers deliver cruise line packages in conjunction with prestigious cruise line companies such as P&O, Princess Cruises, Costa and Holland America, amongst others.

I was also responsible for overseeing that the 52-page magazine was ready for print on a monthly basis and that certain guidelines and cohesive design were maintained in the publication itself.

Design considerations had to strike a balance between being sympathetic to the specific cruise company branding and also being reflective of the cruise itself. This was achieved through a balance of typography, image selection and design elements. Artworking involved formatting a lot of copy, balancing it with imagery and utilising tab and table structures.

Also, on a daily basis I had to create full-page national press ads for Reader Offers Ltd. These had to be created on a very fast turnaround in close conjunction with the copy department. They also had to be resized and edited for inclusion in differing newspapers, from broadsheets to tabloids. I also had to set up and help layout full travel section supplements for publications such as The Daily Telegraph.